Alex has no clue how to ... book a hotel.

So one of the girls I met in Ubud left the same day that we did the hike and headed down to Padang Padang for her final couple of days in Bali. She messaged me shortly after she got there and told me to head there ASAP because it was so beautiful and agreed. So I spent a couple of days just lounging around the beaches of Padang Padang before deciding to head over to the Gili Islands for a couple of days.


However, getting to the Gilis proved to be a bit of task and I decided to spend the night in Sanur before heading over there. Thus began the story of me attempting to book a hotel - a feat that I completed after what seemed like an hour, but was probably only 20 minutes. I manage to get a driver from my lovely hotel in Padang Padang to my new hotel, which turned out to be a five star resort almost exclusively for couples.


I guess the hotel felt bad that I had to wait a full 15 minutes for my room to be ready, so rather than put me in the room that I booked, which was just a normal room, they put me in the supreme suite. King sized bed, a minimum of four bottles of water, snacks, fancy shampoos, private wifi, the whole 9 yards. It also had a beautiful outdoor bathroom complete with tub and shower that had the most amazing water pressure. I also feel like this might have benefited them, because this meant that I would most likely spend a ton of time in my room and then the other guests wouldn't see the gross, dirty backpacker that wandered into their hotel.


I was super excited and already planned my evening of a long bubble bath followed by a movie and full nights sleep when I decided to go get some dinner at the restuarant attached to the hotel. I don’t know if it was the food there, or the two small drinks that I had, but maybe an hour or two after I finished dinner I was feeling like death. I ended up forgoing the bath and heading straight to bed. My body had different ideas though, and I ended up spending most of the night getting to vomming into the very nice toilet. But whatever, at least I was surrounded by my five star amenities and wrapped in my complimentary robe.